Death Be Not Proud

"I can kill people so easily, but...why don't I feel sad?"

Bienvenue, benvenuti, and welcome to Death Be Not Proud, a small shrine and the TAFL.Com-approved fanlisting for the fragile and mysterious teenage assassin, Yuumura Kirika, from Bee Train's critically acclaimed 2001 anime Noir. One half of the titular duo of killers for hire, Kirika is a gentle soul who can kill without mercy -- although the fact itself breaks her heart. All the whys in her past shrouded in mystery, even to her own self, Kirika seeks out Mireille Bouquet, a Corsican hitwoman living in Paris, and starts out with her on what becomes, for both of them, a pilgrimage to the past that leaves neither the same. I've adored Kirika since I first saw Noir; if you also love her, please do add your name to the fanlisting!

You are viewing version 1 of Death Be Not Proud, Salva Nos, featuring scans from the official artbook that have been lying around on my hard drive for literal years. This layout should be viewable and readable on screens of every size, but if displays oddly for you, please feel free to email me and let me know, and I'll get right onto fixing it.