Natsume, I'm Hoooome!

Hello there, and welcome to Maneki Neko, the TAFL approved fanlisting for the not-a-maneki-neko, manjuu-eating, sake-gulping, Natsume-exasperating, hilariously obnoxious youkai of Natsume Yuujinchou -- the one and only Nyanko-sensei. Or Madara. Or Nyankichi. Or Ponta, Nyangoro, Nyan-nyan-sensei...the list goes on gets longer every season. If you're a fan of this fat fluffy uncat, come home drunk and declare you're here by joining the fanlisting!

This fanlisting will soon become a modest shrine, and can be considered under open construction, so please do check back frequently for updates! (Said updates will also be listed on the Studio Wish twitter, so be sure to follow it!)