Love Soldiers

Wedding Change!

Welcome to Love Soldiers, the TAFL-approved fanlisting for Tomita Sukihiro and Yazawa Nao's oft-overlooking seminal mahou shoujo series, the wonderfully dorky and strangely loveable, Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach! First appearing in Ciao magazine in 1994 and debuting as an anime series one year later, Wedding Peach tells the tale of bubbly, friendly 14-year-old Hanasaki Momoko and her best friends, the elegant Tanima Yuri and the tomboyish Tamano Hinagiku, members of the Saint Hanazono Junior High's newspaper club, and their adventures in friendship, love, and their turbulent secret lives as the warriors of love, fighting Love Angels Wedding Peach, Angel Lily, and Angel Daisy, respectively, and their battle on behalf of the Angel World against the Devil World and its evil Queen Raindevila. Often deepy unfairly dismissed as merely a Sailor Moon ripoff, Wedding Peach is in fact a fun slice of shoujo fantasy with all the (literal!) frills and thrills the genre demands -- if you're a fan, won't you add your name to the listing? ♥

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