Runaway Run; an Ishida Yamato shrine and fanlisting


Full Name - Ishida Yamato (石田ヤマト)
Nickname - Matt (dub only)
Year of birth - 1988
Age - 11 in Adventure, 14 in 02 (16 in 02 dub)
Hair - dark blonde
Eyes - cornflower blue
Gender - male...obviously.
Crest - Friendship (友情; yuujou)
Digimon - Gabumon
Starsign - never revealed for sure, but my guess is Scorpio. He's sensitive, moody, and keeps to himself -- typical Scorpio traits.
Element - Ice
Parents - Ishida Hiroaki and Takaishi Natsuko (Nancy in dub), divorced
Heritage - French, from his mother's side (Natsuko's parents were French)
Siblings - Takaishi Takeru (younger brother)
Significant Other - Takenouchi Sora, towards the end of 02. They later have two children, a girl and a boy.
Best Friend - Yagami Taichi
Home - Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
School - Odaiba Elementary School, later graduates to Odaiba Junior High
Grade - 5th in Adventure, 8th in 02
Instruments of Choice - harmonica, bass guitar, voice
Favourite Food - quite probably yakiniku, according to Adventure episode 06.
Likes - music, alone time, Gabumon, Takeru
Dislikes - people who are too headstrong, criticism
Personality - moody, extremely sensitive, at times prickly, caring, passionate, short-tempered