Runaway Run; an Ishida Yamato shrine and fanlisting


Gabumon Gabumon is Yamato's Digimon partner. He's a big-hearted, playful, yet rather shy Reptile type Digimon whose most remarkable 'feature' might be the Garurumon pelt that he wears near-constantly. Here's some quick stats:

Japanese: ガブモン
Evolutions: Punimon >>> Tsunomon >>> Gabumon >>> Garurumon >>> WereGarurumon >>> MetalGarurumon
Name Origin: "ガブガブ/gabu gabu", in Japanese, is a guzzling onomatopoeia.
Attacks: Petit Fire (dub 'Blue Blaster'), Little Horn (dub 'Horn Attack')
Special Ability: none
Type: Vaccine
Size: 20.0 gig
Level: Child (dub 'Rookie')

Gabumon first appeared in Episode One (gasp! you don't say?!), digivolving from Tsunomon to protect the kids against Kuwagamon, aka, the big red bug that went on a rampage for no apparent reason. Charming fellow. Anyway, moving on.

Gabumon is one of my fave, not just because Yamato himself is his human, but because he's...nice. He is a sweet guy, shy guy with a big heart. C'mon, when Yamato was off being his usual moody self, never ONCE did Gabumon say, "Screw you, I'm going home." He stuck with Yamato 'til the end.

Gabumon is actually a reptile-like Digimon. Don't let that Garurumon pelt derail you, he's a yellow dinosaur-like guy who has adorable little ears. I'm sorry, I just find his natural ears incredibly cute!!