Runaway Run; an Ishida Yamato shrine and fanlisting


Linkageness! There are very few Yama-sites (hell, there are precious few Digimon-related sites at all) floating around these days, but let's give it a try. Should you wish to link RR, I have some buttons!
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Thank you very much, ahead of time! Now that's out of the way, onto the good stuff.

yamato shrines

Da Man: A Yamato Ishida Page -- one of the veritable dinosaurs of fandom.
All That Is Ishida -- not updated for a few years, but still standing.
MYIS -- one of the first people to link me, ten years ago, and a real sweetheart. Dead, but still viewable.

other chara shrines

Seventh -- wonderful in-depth shrine to Yamato's little brother.
Heaven -- sister site to the above, a shrine to Hikari.
Chirp! -- cute and informative shrine to Piyomon.
T.K.'s World -- that Takeru sure is a popular guy! This site is so awesome.
Light of Dawn -- ...speak of the devil, so's his girlfriend! ^_~
Dreamer -- a very sweet Ken shrine.

pairings (yamato/x)

Got Taito? -- my eternal OTP. Not really active, but definitely worth a visit.
It's Gotta Be The Hair... -- hasn't updated in ten years, but this was one of THE Taito sites back in the day.
Destined Love -- another non-active Mimato site.
Mimato -- a tiiiiiny little Mimato site.
Stand Firm -- the Oocities archive of what was a nifty little Mimato doumei!

Everything Loud and Clear -- ...another Taito fanlisting? Official? Bwah? No updates since 2003.
Starcrossed -- the Mimato fanlisting! This pairing still cutes me out to this day <3
Daijobu! -- the Gabumon fanlisting. Heheh, naked Digimon...

If you run a Digimon-related site, or know of a site that you think I should have included here, please do email me! ^_^