Runaway Run; an Ishida Yamato shrine and fanlisting


Obviously, a gorgeous guy like Yamato can't stay single for very long. This section takes a look at his love life. And it's going to be rather sarcastic, seeing as how I feel about Sorato. Ooops. Did I just give it away?

In Adventure, there were no relationships on the menu, and this really shouldn't surprise anyone. Yamato was only eleven years old. The hormones don't hit until about 13, and besides, the boy had far too much on his mind to worry about romance -- Takeru, saving the Digital World, whether Taichi was his best friend or his worst enemy, and so on. Romance was completely off the menu. Perhaps not puppy love or a stray crush or two, but an actual relationship? Highly unlikely.

In 02, it seemed pretty much the same thing -- except his primary worries this time were his band and housekeeping, 'cause Dad Ishida's a lazy bum. There remained ridiculous tension between Yamato and Taichi, albeit a more trusting and solid type than what was going on during Adventure. Until the last few episdodes, when the bond between Yamato and Taichi was forgotten altogether and Sorato reared its ugly head, being crowbarred into the series with all the grace of a drunk elephant and the sense of a kookaburra on 'ludes. For some reason, Sora seemed to get over her obvious crush on Taichi, essentially dumped him on Christmas Eve (ouch, lady!), and moved in on Yamato. Apparently, they started dating then, but this was played up much more in the dub than in the original version.

yes, this IS the closest they stand together in the future. hello, divorce lawyers.Let's see what's happened 25 years into the future, shall we? Dear Gods, no! Yamato and Sora have apparently had kids. But, that seems to be it. They're not standing close to each other (seriously, can someone explain to me why Yamato and Taichi are standing closer to each other than Yamato and Sora?), unlike our affirmed married couple (Ken and Miyako) and their ten million three kids, they're talking to their children separately. What I'm getting at? Their "marriage" was not affirmed. While the Ichijoujis were introduced very obviously as a family, the Ishida-Takenouchis were NOT. No, I'm not denying that they got drunk enough to roll around in the sack at least twice. (Dear lord, I'm mean, aren't I?) It's obvious from looking at the kidlets that their mummy is Sora. I'm just pointing out that no-one has said "Yamato and Sora are married". They look awfully divorced to me -- it's Ishida Hiroaki and Takaishi Natsuko all over again...kind of heartbreaking, really.

But the KIDS! So CUTE! You can't deny it! Look at them! The girl (yes, the blonde one is a girl) looks about eight, and the boy about four or five. Cuuuuuute!!! Hee. At least two good things came of Sorato.