Runaway Run; an Ishida Yamato shrine and fanlisting


So, here's the subject that has a lot of Matt and Tai fans--and a lot of Digifans in general--in a spin. Are Tai and Matt in love?

I think they are. It's obvious that there's a very strong bond between the two of them, and you won't find a bond like that in kids that age very often at all. It's a bit like TK and Kari's relationship, except, of course, TK and Kari's is accepted.

There's the thing I just don't get. A girl and a boy can have deep feelings for each other, hold hands, kiss, fall in come two boys (or two girls, for that matter) can't?

I've been raised in what I can see is a semi-homophobic environment. My mother thinks it's "unnatural", and I think she'll keel over and die when she discovers that I'm lesbian and in a relationship with my best girl I'll be damned if I know where my open mind comes from. I just accept it. To me, homosexuality is just as normal as heterosexuality. What I don't understand is how it doesn't seem so to, in any form, is not "sinful" or "evil" is a beautiful thing that occurs between two people--and it knows no gender.

Anyway, rant over, let's examine the evidence we've been given in the series to show that Matt and his snugglemon could be having fuzzy feelings towards each other.

First of all is the blazingly obvious episode "Piedmon's Last Jest". Did you see the exchange between the two of them when Matt was holding Tai in his arms? That's a really, really rare occurence between two boys of that age, actually, it's rare for boys, period. They're not, as a rule, emotional or open. And Matt especially can be a bit of a cold wind, ne? So opening up like that, and holding Tai like he raises a few questions.

Secondly, the art--the OFFICIAL art, I mean. Unfortunately for us, fanart doesn't count ;P. How many pics have you seen with Tai and Matt standing close to each other. And, of course, the standard Taito image is the black and white 01 image from an official fan magazine with Matt's arms around Tai's waist, Tai holding a bunch of flowers, both of them genuinely smiling at each other and looking in each other's eyes...if you pretended Matt was a girl for a moment (sorry, Matty!), you'd think they'd be head over heels for each other, ne? After all, how many boys do you see acting like that towards their friends? Not many, that's for sure. Plus there's the OTHER images--screenshots and whatnot--from 02. You can see that whatever bond between Matt and Tai there is--call it friendship, love, brotherhood, whatnot--is different. They're more relaxed and open in each other's company, for one.

In episode ten, especially, you can see the closeness between the two of them--even when Matt socks Tai in the jaw ;p. Think back to 01 for a sec. Tai's reaction to that, whether it was in good will or not, would have been to immeadiatly lay the smackdown on Matt's sorry ass. Now, he's like, "Oh, hey, I guess I was being a bit stupid." And did you see the looks they exchanged in that episode? If that last one wasn't affectionate, I don't know what is.

Another thing I think I should bring to light, is that in Digimon, a lot of relationships are implied, rather than being brought to the forefront. Joe and Mimi for instance. Not to mention TK and Kari, who are the most glaringly obvious relationship in the show, and that's not saying much, believe me.

In closing...I'm not trying to "convert" you (*coughcough*Soratoists!*cough*) to believe in Taito...I just felt I had to explain that I believe, if Matt's in love with anyone, it would be Tai, and the reasons I believe so. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.