Runaway Run; an Ishida Yamato shrine and fanlisting

Why Yamato?

The inevitable "why I made this shrine" section. Oh, c'mon, it's part of your complete sitely experience, or something along those lines...

When I first started making this site (that would be a Wednesday, 24th of January 2001, for the record!), there were only a few shrines to Yamato. At that point in time, The Lost Temple of Ishida and wanna*be rockstar -- both now dead as doornails, sadly -- were the popular ones (though wanna*be rockstar closed less than a month after I began working on Runaway Run). At the time I thought that there would be no way I could equal TLTOI when it came to sheer size -- RR started off hosted on before it was amalgamated with Zero-Catch, and gave you just 6 megs (!) of space -- so, I had some thinking to do. I needed something that would make people maybe come back for a second glance at the site, but, if it wasn't multimedia, what could it be?


Few character shrines at all were heavily information-cum-opinion heavy, so I had found a niche to fill. I still love writing, I still love Yamato, and if you put both of them together, you get one great big lovefest! Well, maybe not a lovefest, but I do hope you get what I hope is a thoroughly comprehensive shrine to the boy in question.

So why do I love Yamato? So many reasons. The first thing that caught my attention -- I'm not going to lie -- were his looks. (He looked eerily like an anime version of my then-best male friend who I miiiight have thought I had a little bit of a crush on at the time...) He is drop dead gorgeous, hands down the cutest Digimon character! Then, as my younger brothers slowly convinced me that Digimon Adventure was more than Just Another Pokémon Ripoff, I was struck by his personality. Actually, it was a conversation with my little brother that made me want to look behind those blue eyes.

"Ah, Matt," I said, flipping through his Official Character Guide. I only knew him by his dub name at that point in time (which, FTR, is pretty cute, if you ask me!) "The 'cool one'."

"Actually, he's kinda depressed," my brother said, and continued gawking at Sora. (He was eleven and totally in love with her, it was adorable.)

There it was! I have a thing for "kinda depressed" characters, and I generally find I can relate to them all too well. At that point in time, I could identify very heavily with Yamato. These days, I'm probably much more Mimi-like than Yamato-like, but I still love crawling into Yamato's head and discovering what makes him tick. Of course, Yamato's not all depressed. He's also funny, passionate, irritable, musical, thoughtful...a really well-rounded character, in other words.

Basically, TL;DR: I made this shrine 'cause I love Yamato; I love Yamato 'cause he's da man, as the dub accurately states. End of story, all your base are belong to us! Or Yamato, as the case may be. ^~