Memento Mori; the Yami no Matsuei fanlisting

and they are called Shinigami...

Welcome to Ju-Ou-Cho! You've found yourself at Memento Mori, the TAFL-approved fanlisting to Matsushita Yoko's seminal supernatural and very slightly BL-esque series, Yami no Matsuei. Translated in English as Descendants of Darkness, YamiMatsu (as the fandom likes to nickname it) tells the stories of the shinigami (essentially, psychopomps) of Meifu (the Underworld) who work within Ju-Ou-Cho (the Agency of the Ten Kings); particularly those who work directly within the Summons Division of Enma-Chou (the Enma Agency). The (poorly paid!) shinigami of this division are tasked with retrieving the lost souls of humans who have died and yet still live. Focusing particularly on amethyst-eyed, sugar-loving, puppy-in-a-human-body with a dark past, Tsuzuki Asato, his new partner with an even darker past, 16-year-old empath Kurosaki Hisoka, and their mutual nemesis, the obsessive and damaged Dr. Muraki Kazutaka and how he is connected to the both of them. Part mystery, part supernatural adventure, YamiMatsu is considered one of the cornerstones of early shounen-ai manga (despite not being outright shounen-ai...which should say everything you need to know about the subtext), and tackles some surprisingly dark themes, peppered with adorable goofball humour. If you're a fan of this wonderful series in any of its forms, anime or manga, please add your name to the list!

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