Meteor Shower

Welcome! Meteor Shower, the TFL-approved fanlisting for Mystic Messenger's bottle-blonde game-addicted cutie pie, Kim Yoosung! A deceptively simple character, our Yoosungie is actually one of the more complex characters in MysMe, with a wound in his heart and too many questions which have answers behind doors tightly locked and beyond his control. In all his routes, he shows some of the most character developement in the game, and he captured my heart on my very first playthrough. If you're a fan of the RFA's cheerful but troubled maknae, please do join his fanlisting!

You're viewing version 1 of Meteor Shower, right there (beside me), made while listening to the extended version of the song that gave the site its name -- and such a very, very Yoosungesque song it is, too. This site should be viewable on all browsers and all resolutions, but if it's looking a little funny on your device, please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.