hiji zuru STYLE - the Samurai Champloo fanlisting

Original Style !!

Welcome to hiji zuru STYLE, the TAFL.Com-approved fanlisting for Watanabe Shinichirou's 2004 masterpiece and Manglobe Inc.'s television debut, Samurai Champloo! Know for its highly stylish animation, astonishingly good hip-hop based soundtrack, very random but oddly loveable characters, intentional anachronisms, ever-so-slightly madcap humour, and infinite rewatchable quality, SamCham has become a truly classic anime, and for very good reason. If you're a fan of this amazing series, please consider adding your name to the fanlisting!

You are viewing version 1 of hiji zuru STYLE, "Sunup to Sundown", featuring official promo artwork from the anime, and no brushes whatsoever -- I know, I'm as weirded out as you are! It should be viewable and readable on all resolutions, browsers, and devices; but if this is not the case for you, please let me know, and I will attempt to rectify this!