Catalexis, the fanlisting for Shirou Kamui

aren't we all just prisoners of fate?

COMING SOON: Various thoughts on the boy at the end of the world. All of these essays (if I can be pretentious enough to call them such; perhaps disjointed ramblings would be more accurate) are full of my own opinions on all things Kamuiesque (though I hope not obnoxiously so), so take them all gently with a pinch of vanilla salt.

the boy with the world on his shoulders

meet Shirou Kamui and the world he must save.

chosen and cheated by fate

Kamui as Messiah...or is it Antichrist? it's probably all up to perception.

leader of dragons

the Dragons of Heaven, their Dreamseer, and Kamui's place among them.

flew in on broken wings

a lifetime of tragedy eventually has to take its toll, even just slightly.

songs of innocence and experience

with each blow to his world, Kamui's naïvete both lessens...and grows.

Venus as a boy

sexuality, beauty, eroticism, and all of the above...and then some.

mirrored destiny

Fuuma: the memory, the twin star, the stranger he still loves, and the guilt of choice.

sacrificial lamb

Kotori: the little bird singing amongst first love's delicate falling petals.

far-off reflection

Subaru: the shattered yin-yang of love and trust, interrupted.

and in another life

Kamui as seen through the lens of Tsubasa.