"It doesn't matter if you're human or youkai -- if your hearts touch, it's the same thing."

ようこそ! Welcome to True Kindness, the TAFL.Com-approved fanlisting for the boy who sees youkai and returns their names to them, Natsume Takashi, from Midorikawa Yuki-sensei's beautiful series in all its forms, Natsume Yuujinchou (also known as Natsume's Book of Friends). Natsume is a gentle and reserved boy with a past full of scars, who accidentally inherits his late grandmother's talent for seeing what most humans can't see...and the book containing all the names of the youkai she defeated, and all the adventures that come along with it. Natsume has been one of my favourite characters since episode one; his kindness despite his painful and lonely past is a true testament to his wonderful character. If you also love Natsume (and how can you not, really? ^~), feel free to add your name to his fanlisting!

You are viewing version 1 of True Kindness, butterflies, featuring various scans from Minitokyo and Settei Dreams, and making use of brushes from Obsidian Dawn. The title of this fanlisting/shrine was inspired by this (absolutely accurate!) essay on Kuroonuma. This layout should be viewable and readable on screens of every size, but if displays oddly for you, please feel free to email me and let me know, and I'll get right onto fixing it. If you're also a fan of Natsume's bodyguard/sensei/partner-in-youkai shenanigans, please do visit Maneki Neko, my fanlisting for the unintentionally hilarious Madara -- better known as Nyanko-sensei! ♥